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An informative weekly series for the benefit of those managing claims of injuryMedical case management, if used properly, can be an effective tool to keep claims costs down. Good medical case management contains the following elements:
  1. Thorough evaluation of the medical condition
  2. Development and implementation of a plan of care
  3. Coordination of all available medical resources
  4. Making sure all health care professionals are in communication and working toward one common goal
  5. Monitoring and evaluating progress
As the person picking up the tab for case management, your responsibility is to assure that each of these 5 steps are being performed in a progressive manner that is satisfactory to you. Next week, we will explore the role of the medical case manager in the process.For more information visit
An informative weekly series for the benefit of those managing claims of injurySERIES INTRODUCTION: This is the first of a weekly educational series offering insight into case management. You will get valuable tips from this blog on selecting a good case manager so you can get the most from your case management dollars. Here are topics this blog series will address:
  • Elements of good case management
  • Collaborative process facilitates quick claim closure
  • A well-informed case manager is a good case manager
  • Aggressive return to work
  • Well-coordinated care
  • Communication is the key to success
Next week we will define the elements of good case management. Stay tuned!For more information on Medical Systems go to

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